Updates on the NU COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative

NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative continues to contribute to the fight against the spread of the pandemic and supporting the frontline healthcare workers.  

Today 135 socially vulnerable families of hospital workers received food baskets. The lists of families to be helped were provided to the Executive Committee of the Initiative by the labor unions of the Republican Diagnostic Center, National Research Center for Maternal and Child Health, and National Children’s Rehabilitation Center. The food packages include such products as honey, butter, dates, cereals, tea, coffee, condensed milk, etc. 

The NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative is a project initiated and supported by Nazarbayev University and a number of its faculty who were eager to help, either financially or through other means such as blood donations, in order to express solidarity with the host country.  Within several weeks since its beginning, the NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative could raise over 14,7 m. KZT to contribute to Kazakhstan’s efforts to deal with COVID-19. These funds will be further distributed to support the frontline healthcare staff all over Kazakhstan.