Updates from NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative

NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative continues to distribute face masks, thermometers and protective suite sets to the following hospitals here in Nur-Sultan, most of whom are treating COVID-19 patients:

 National Science Center of Phthisiopulmonology 

  • Infectious Disease Hospital
  • City Hospital 1
  • City Hospital 2
  • Children’s Infectious Disease Hospital
  • UMC

 We are also investigating helping other hospitals, the Hospital of Veterans and Railway Hospital, which are providing care for the patients suspected for COVID-19.

 We recently received photos and a note of thanks from the Jambyl Regional Multi-Specialty Hospital in Taraz for the 10,000 face masks and 20 distant thermometers which we delivered to them a few weeks ago.

Since our last report to you, we have been reviewing the available quotes and have also entered into an arrangement with a local vendor to supply 1,875 high quality safety suit sets (protective clothing, goggles, masks, gloves and shoes) at a total cost of 15 million tenge (8,000 tenge per set).

 Because negotiations with potential vendors took longer than anticipated, we are now expecting to deliver the first of these safety suit sets in the next few days. Our plan is to distribute these to the Nur-Sultan hospitals mentioned above. This will mean that all of the major hospitals treating COVID-19 patients in Nur-Sultan are receiving support from the NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative in the form of distant thermometers, masks and high quality safety suit sets.

 During the past week, we have also provided 34,990 tenge to the Medsupportkz initiative to enable them to purchase needed software to support their activities in producing high quality materials available for the public access.

 As mentioned in previous updates, Medsupportkz is a volunteer organization staffed by Kazakhstani scientists and students which aims to provide medical and healthcare workers in Kazakhstan with up-to-date information on recent advances in COVID-19 treatment methods, research and diagnosis. NU students are heavily involved in the Medsupportkz initiative, particularly in the translation of information on COVID-19 from English into Kazakh and Russian.

 As at 15 July, the NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative has raised approximately 43.40 million tenge to support medical workers and their families which is around 70% of our target amount, based on current KZT/USD exchange rates.

 Approximately 2.3 million tenge in new contributions has been received over the past week and we would like to thank everyone who contributed! Of the total amount contributed, approximately 35.97 million tenge has been spent or allocated at this point in time.

 The table below outlines how NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative has allocated funds up to this point in time as of July 15, 2020.

Currently, we have a balance of approximately 7.43 million tenge in funds which are not yet committed. We are now exploring priorities for assistance in both Nur-Sultan and other regions of Kazakhstan in order to identify the best use of these funds.

 If you have not yet made a contribution to the NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative, any donation, large or small, will be much appreciated! You can make a contribution through either a deduction from your pay as per Option 1 or through a direct transfer from your bank account as per Option 2. The forms and bank details are attached. The NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative bank account is now set up in the Kaspi.KZ application which should streamline the process of making a direct transfer: Alumni NU GSB Community COVID-19 Solidarity.

 Thank you to everyone in the NU Community who is helping make a real and positive difference to the Kazakhstani community during this difficult time!