Updates on the NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative


Since our last report to you on 5 June, we have decided to allocate funds to purchase 10,000 face masks each to Karagandy and Taraz hospitals as well as 100 distant thermometers. Some of these distant thermometers may be allocated to other regional hospitals.


While distant thermometers are expensive at around 35,000 tenge each, we have identified an urgent and ongoing need for them. Recipient hospitals and health centers are still being negotiated but we estimate that the total cost of the face masks and distance thermometers will be approximately 5.8 million tenge.  


During the past week deliveries of free lunches to the frontline medical staff at hospitals in Nur-Sultan have also taken place. These lunches are funded by your contributions and are supplied by Kunde Café, which is itself a social venture. A contract with another local restaurant is still pending, subject to receipt of appropriate health certifications. 

As at 10 June, the NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative has raised approximately 25.54 million tenge to support medical workers and their families. This represents around 43% of our target amount, based on current KZT/USD exchange rates.


Of the total amount contributed, approximately 17.98 million tenge has been spent or allocated at this point in time, leaving a balance of approximately 7.56 million tenge in uncommitted funds.


Please note that we welcome any ideas from NU faculty, staff, and students on how future funds should be allocated. You may be aware of medical centers or medical workers who are in urgent need of assistance. Or, you may have some ideas for a project which may assist medical workers or the community, during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we cannot guarantee that your idea will be funded, we do promise that every suggestion received will be seriously considered. If you have a suggestion, we would love to hear from you and await your email at covid-19.solidarity@nu.edu.kz!


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative. You are making a real and positive difference to the community!


If you have not yet had the opportunity to contribute to the NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative, please consider making a donation to support NU’s efforts.


At present, you can make a contribution through either a deduction from your pay or through a direct transfer from your bank account. We expect to announce streamlined procedures for fund transfers to the NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative bank account very soon!


Thank you again for all your help and our best wishes to you and your families.


Keep well!


Sincerely yours,


The Executive Committee of the “NU Community COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative”