About UHC operations and additional health services

Dear NU Community, 

 Please, be kindly reminded that the University Health Center (UHC) currently has the working hours from 9 am till 4 pm until further notice on the detailed schedule for May.

 In case if you need some medical assistance, please, call your health insurance provider or assistance company (as per the contact details provided earlier) or the UHC reception 69-2616 if you may need some PHC help at UHC. Currently, there are several PHC doctors available at either UHC or RDC building.

 The UHC visitors shall wear masks and enter the center through the external entrance door facing the Athletics and Sports Centers with the townhouses! Distant thermometry and safety measures (use of sanitizers) shall be maintained at the entrance.


Starting from April 21, 2020, some additional services and helpline are available for the NU community on the campus.





Working hours

NU Helpline

To provide help and guidance on questions related to health and health services by MD students from NUSOM

+ 70-9000 (ext.9000)

3 pm – 5 pm

all working weekdays


To help with the purchase and delivery of some medications to the campus

7 701 643 40 38 (what’s up accessible)

9 am – 12 am   

accepting orders

2 pm – 4 pm 

delivery of orders to UHC

all working weekdays


Please, send your queries, feedback, and suggestions to uhc@nu.edu.kz for further review and consideration.


NU Health and Safety Department in collaboration with the School of Medicine and University Health Center