For faculty/staff

Work from home arrangements

NU continues to observe a work from home (WFH) regime. Deans and Directors will oversee this process to ensure that the number of people in our office, classroom, and laboratory buildings is limited to 30 percent at any time and that proper physical distancing (minimum 2 m) is observed at all times.

Anyone who plans to work in the buildings referenced above will need a negative RT-PCR test, current within the most recent 14 days, and to carry a printed copy of the results.  Short visits of 30 minutes, for instance, to collect items from your desk, continue to be possible upon approval of Deans, Vice Presidents, and by informing our Security.


Travel remains difficult with only a few regular flights and all subject to unexpected cancelation. Yet even there, the number of options is increasing with Air Astana and some other airlines, including Belavia, Fly Dubai, and Turkish Airlines resuming scheduled flights now to Amsterdam, Dubai, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Kyiv, Minsk, and Seoul.

The Department of International Cooperation (DIC) has updated information on flights on NU’s website:

Some countries that seemingly had managed to control the coronavirus are now experiencing new outbreaks and reintroducing travel restrictions. If you are planning to travel, you should monitor information from governments, airlines and airports closely as the situation changes rapidly. For general information purposes, and to serve as an approximate (i.e. by no means exhaustive) reference, please follow the link:

Please do frequently check the following website: 

Also, the reliable data can be seen in the Johns Hopkins website:

We will continue to update the community regularly to keep you informed of additional measures.