For faculty/staff

On COVID-19 vaccination

On February 11, 2021, the Health and Safety Department held the 1st briefing session for the NU faculty and staff members on the COVID-19 vaccination arrangements. Upon the session some FAQ were clarified and the vaccination electronical sign-up link was made available. Now, the NU faculty and staff members can access the presentation and register for the vaccination online.


Work from home arrangements

NU regulations while in the Red Zone

Office Occupancy / Attendance (monitored by Schools and Heads of Units)

Work from home is the basic rule. Up to 10 % occupancy; but prior authorization by Deans/Heads of Units required

Office presence (monitored by Schools and Heads of Units)

Limited to 3 hours for authorized people, work in shifts, and avoid contacts whenever possible

Permitted work on Campus

Only maintenance and essential services and operations


For faculty, please refer to the recent email from the Department of International Cooperation (DIC) regarding home leave travel from the change of duty station. Contact DIC with any questions.

DIC has updated information on flights on NU’s website:

If you are planning to travel, you should monitor information from governments, airlines and airports closely as the situation changes rapidly. For general information purposes, and to serve as an approximate (i.e. by no means exhaustive) reference, please follow the link.

In case of international travel, please make sure to check with the airlines and the country of destination onboarding and entry requirements, respectively.

Please do frequently check the following website: 

Also, the reliable data can be seen in the Johns Hopkins website:

Please don’t forget to let us know your travel itinerary at least one week prior to your return by emailing your HR manager of the unit and

As of May 3, individuals with full vaccination recorded in the egov system do not need a negative PCR test to enter Kazakhstan. Like many regulations, this one may also be subject to change on very short notice, so we still advise to carry a negative PCR test that is current within 72 hours whenever you travel.

As of April 14, all passengers crossing the border, regardless of nationality, will be required to produce a negative PCR test that was taken within the previous 72 hours. At this point in time, the only exception applies to children under five years of age, and to citizens of Kazakhstan and permanent residents who have been fully vaccinated in Kazakhstan.

All NU international employees can enter Kazakhstan if they have:

-        Valid passport and visa

-        Copy of the protocol of the IAC

-        NU staff ID

-        Letter of employment

-        Negative PCR test current within 72 hours

All these requirements, however, are subject to change. 

Regional Regulations: Many countries require COVID test results to be available in their local languages, so please make sure you understand the current requirements in your destination and transit countries before you travel.