Campus life

Student Dormitory regime

High frequency COVID testing and screening (as per approved protocol), and not gathering in shared spaces. No visitors

Residential Complex regime

No outside and Campus Resident household visitors, with exception of health care givers (PCR negative and no recent overseas travel history within the last 2 weeks); i.e. no nannies.

Campus Access

Restricted hours to Campus Residents and approved list of faculty, staff, and outside visitors, including PE’s Technopark Residents (PCR negative) 

7 am – 10 pm. One time access to offices for up to 30 minutes upon approval by Dean or Head of the Unit.

The Campus gates close at 10 pm at night as per our Red Zone protocol

Quarantine requirements

Mandatory quarantine for Campus Residents arriving first time on campus, and/or from overseas travel.

Service delivery on Campus premises

Only authorized food, pharmaceuticals (drugs), and official taxi (only during wintertime)

Public services on Campus

University Health Center (UHC), pharmacy, grocery shops with restricted working hours and market, and food store delivery only.

NU’s Campus quarantine protocols have been shortened to 8 days with the following mandatory steps:

  • for Campus residents (non-students): as PCR tests are required prior to entering Kazakhstan, we will now conduct a PCR test on Day 7;
  • for students residing on Campus (including their spouses): we will conduct a Rapid Antigen Test on Day 2 followed by a PCR test on Day 7.

Please don’t forget to let us know your travel itinerary at least one week prior to your return by emailing your HR manager of the unit and


Official (i.e. registered) taxis and delivery vehicles are allowed on campus. We remind you to please inform Reception when you expect a delivery or taxi so that they can inform the security guards at the gate; without this step, no outside vehicle will be allowed through the gates. 

Families wishing to arrange for private drivers to take children to school may do this by informing the reception of the driver and car details.  We encourage families to join together in sharing these drivers to reduce the number of outside cars on Campus.


Outdoor gatherings are now allowed in groups of no more than 10 people, but please continue to wear facemasks and observe physical distancing. Once we gather positive experience, we will consider easing up on indoor gatherings as well. Please act responsibly and use your judgment; even a slight increase in the number of people in a group seriously increases the probability that an infected person is present.



Instruction (teaching and learning) mode

Strictly online with the exception of clinical and practical sessions in groups of up to 10 people with strict non- pharmaceutical precautions (face masks, physical distancing, hand hygiene, temperature checks)

Group gathering (public spaces, conference and meeting rooms)

Not more than 3 people in a group indoors with strict non-pharmaceutical precautions (face masks, physical distancing, hand hygiene, temperature checks)

Research Laboratory Access (monitored by Schools and Head of Units)

Up to 10 % occupancy



Students, faculty, and staff can borrow or return the books at their convenience. The service can be arranged via

Please submit a request, book details (up to six items per person), your location/address. The library coordinators will inform you about the date, time and place for delivery or return.

The book delivery to other cities via Kazpost is also considered (to be paid by the requesting student).

Please contact the Library staff for further details on any of these issues. They will help you with any questions


Childcare on Campus

The Montessori School operates classes on Campus for three age groups of children, namely 0-3, 3-6, and 6-9. All daycare employees are regularly tested and a nurse monitors the children daily. 


Athletic and Sports Centers

Operational with separate access and strict non-pharmaceutical precautions (facemasks, physical distancing, hand hygiene, temperature checks). Limited number of visitors up to 20 people in training sessions. No public events and competitions

Please follow the instructions issued by CLC/HSE on the rules governing the gym’s use, which includes proof of a recent negative RT-PCR test. 

The NU Athletic Center (including the pool) and the Gym in Block 38 will be open for use during the day from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm with the cleaning and disinfection breaks throughout the day as follows: 10:00-11:00 and 15:00-16:00 along with the final daily disinfection after the closing at 9 pm.

We implore you to remain vigilant and to maintain proper protocols including wearing masks properly, washing hands, and observing physical distance requirements. 

Here are the current access and use conditions that should be followed all the time at the NU Athletic Center and the Gym in Block 38:

1)  Access is granted only for those with the negative result of the PCR test for COVID-19.

2)  Users are strictly required to have their ID cards, mask in the Gym, and pass the reception during the visit.

3)  Safety precautions should be followed all the time and no warning tapes shall be crossed or removed.

4)  Temporally, to avoid close encounters in the changing rooms, we recommend coming dressed up for exercises to the gym (whenever it is possible).

5)  Users should NOT visit the Athletic Center and Gym if they feel unwell or have cold-symptoms.

6)  A limited number of people (within 30% of regular occupancy) at a time is allowed with mandatory safety measures followed during the visit.

7)  The users should plan their visits accordingly so that no users will be within the facility during the cleaning and disinfection breaks (starting at 10 am and 3 pm).

Access to the NU Athletic Center and Gym is provided with your ID card activated for 2-week access after payment and presentation of negative PCR test results for COVID-19 at the Reception (phone, 70-99-69). No cash is accepted – please, have your NU ID and credit card for payments.

In case you don’t have a COVID-19 PCR test completed within the last 2 weeks, you may register for the testing at the University Health Center on campus and await the confirmation for your appointment (details on PCR testings are above). The result is expected to be ready later the same day or the following day latest. Alternatively, you can have the test at RDC lab or other PCR testing labs: Olymp, Invivo, NRMC, and other authorized labs.