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Student life at Nazarbayev University is not only learning and practice, it is also creative self-realization in more than 100 student clubs and organizations, covering various spheres of intellectual development, scientific research, creativity, entertainment, culture, art, and sports.
Implementation of student ideas and projects is available via Student Fund resources, created to raise funds for the development and support students' life and funding student activities by the means received.


How to contribute to the development of student life?

The minimum amount of the student contribution is approved annually by the University Student Government's decision in consultation with the Department of Student Affairs.

To obtain funding to implement their ideas, students can organize the involvement of charitable and/or sponsorship that can be transferred to the bank account of the Corporate Fund.

To implement the contribution you can use the E-Pay system. To do this, click the “Contribute” and follow the instructions on the website. According to the student allocation questions please text to (The Budget Committee of the Student Government).


The fund’s bank details:

Республика Казахстан, 010000,
г. Нур-Султан, район Есиль,
пр. Кабанбай батыра, 53, офис 1180
тел.: 8 (7172) 70 58 90
эл. почта:
БИН 120140016261
ИИК KZ036017111000024666
АО«Народный Банк Казахстана», г. Нур-Султан
КНП 119

Contact details:
8 (7172) 70 58 90;
(Студенческий Фонд)