Sport passess

All Nazarbayev University sports classes, gyms, and recreational sports facilities are operated under a pass system. 


Passes for Students

  • Multi-Visit Pass
    Monthly pass for uninstructed or student sports club work-out at Sports Center, except for gym: KZT500/month
  • Gym Pass
    Monthly pass to gym at Sports Center: KZT1000/month
  • Sports Class Pass
    Monthly pass for instructed sports class at Sports Center and other NU sports facilities: KZT3500/month
  • Personal Training
    Personal training pass for personal or semi-personal training with coach/instructor at Sports Center and other NU sports facilities: KZT25000/12 sessions

Access to sports facilities is allowed only to visitors with NU ID and a valid sports pass. Please have your identification documents with you when visiting Sports Center or other NU sports facilities.

For information on Sports Passes and other questions contact:

Sports Center Concierge at +7 7172 705 721 or