Sport classes

NU offers group training option in Sports Classes.

Classes are instructed by certified and experienced coaches and instructors, current and past professional athletes.
The list of provided Sports Classes varies yearly. 2017/18 features following classes:

  1. Boxing – Olzhas TORTOGULOV
  2. Judo – Akhat ASHIROV
  3. ММА – Kassym ANUARBEK
  4. Interval training – Togzhan MAMYRBEKOVA
  5. Interval training (2nd group) – Togzhan MAMYRBEKOVA
  6. Abs+Stretch – Togzhan MAMYRBEKOVA
  7. Table Tennis – Temirlan Yeskendir    
  8. Zumba – Luna BERIKOVA
  9. Wrestling – Azat OMURZHANOV
  10. Indian Music and Dance & Yoga – Indian Cultural Center

For information on Sports Classes and other questions contact:Access to sports facilities is allowed only to visitors with NU ID and a valid sports pass. Please have your identification documents with you when visiting Sports Center or other NU sports facilities.

Sports Center Concierge at +7 7172 705 721 or