Intramural sports

Nazarbayev University provides is a range of opportunities for NU community to involve in intramural sports both as competitors and as an organizing committee member, being a participant or a supporter.
This includes different annual intra-university sports tournaments in various sports including basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, armwrestling, judo, boxing, paintball, intellectual games (chess and checkers, Togyz Kumalak) and more.

List of annual intramural events:

Sport competitions and events
Fall SemesterSpring Semester
Intramural NU Foundation Games (Basketball 3×3, Futsal, Volleyball)Intramural NU Futsal League  (3 divisions for students and faculty/staff)
Intramural NU Table Tennis Championship Intramural NU Martial Arts Tournaments (Wrestling and Boxing) 
Intramural NU Staff Games (Basketball, Futsal, Volleyball, Table Tennis)Intramural Nauryz Festival Games (Armwrestling, Kettlebell Lifting, Arkan Tartu)
Intramural NU Futsal League  (3 divisions for students and faculty/staff)Intramural table tennis tournament for NUFYP students

NU’s biggest intramural league, NUFL is managed via IMLeagues.


For information on Intramural sports contact:

DSA specialist for sports life Alinur Mirassov at: +7 7172 704 542, email:,