Medical services

All NU students are registered at Municipal Polyclinic #10. They are welcome to have any medical consultation and treatment at Polyclinic for free. Polyclinic requires students to pass annual x-ray examination and medical checks during the whole study at NU.

5_b_medical officeMedical insurance

Apart from #10 polyclinic all Nazarbayev University students are under insurance coverage, provided by insurance company. All expenses are covered by the University.
Insurance company provides 24/7 medical assistance on the campus in medical office. As soon students start their study at NU they are provided by insurance cards and detailed information about medical insurance.

Medical Certificate Issuance

If student miss classes due to health issues, he/she needs to provide appropriate medical certificates (spravka) to the school administration. Medical certificates issued by Medical office or Municipal polyclinic #10 are considered to be eligible. Certificates issued by the other medical institutions must be certified by the Medical office.

Annual Medical check-up

All newly enrolled students must undergo a medical check-up provided by the insurance company. This medical check-up is aimed at providing a full medical examination of students to identify various diseases at the earlier stages and provide appropriate treatment.