Policy and Procedures

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General. Nazarbayev University offers fully furnished housing to faculty staff.

NU assigns housing based on the following criteria:

  • Availability
  • The employee’s family size
  • Length of contract/assignment
  • The employee’s position

Employee preference is given due consideration, but cannot be guaranteed.

Furniture and Appliance. Provided accommodation is furnished. An employee will be provided Furniture and Appliances for the accommodation such as cooker, fridge, washing machine, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner. In addition bed linen, towels are provided.  

Maintenance. For minor and major, non-emergency requests, contact the servicedesk@nu.edu.kz.

Maintenance personnel will have the right to enter in the event of an emergency with security present or during reasonable working hours, upon request and with the agreement of the tenant, for purposes of improvements, pest management, repairs.

Employee’s Financial Obligations. The employee will bear financial responsibility for any damages, as assessed by the Entity, to the original condition of the accommodation and to inventory which exceeds normal wear and tear, including any damage caused by pets.

Utilities. Utilities including, but not limited to, electricity, heating and water supply, waste disposal, maintenance of the elevators, common area cleaning service are not included into the accommodation services and shall be paid by the Resident on monthly basis

Deposit. In accordance with the Rules for provision of the corporate accommodation in AOE “Nazarbayev University” security deposit for provided accommodation should be paid by a Resident. A security cash contribution shall be provided as a security for performance of obligations by the Resident under the Accommodation Contract. Deposit is refundable.

Pets Deposit. Additional deposit of 50% of the Deposit amount is required for each pet in provided accommodation