Faculty Housing

Nazarbayev  University Faculty Members are living on a comfortable and beautiful Campus. We offer various types of apartments in Residental Blocks 38-39 and 44-45.

Residential Blocks 38-39

Tenants living in residential blocks 38-39 benefit from a unique combination of urban comfort and campus life. Residential blocks located on the left side of the Esil river in Astana, on Turan ave., have a convenient access to the administrative part of the city.

There are a number of apartments with various layouts in Blocks, from small and cozy studios to comfortable and spacious four-room apartments. The Blocks are equipped with advanced security systems and access control. There is an Atrium in the middle of complexes, on the second floor (a place where Tenants can have a rest). Also, you can find restaurant, minimarket, beauty salon, kindergarten, coffee shop, indoor parking on the first floor of the residential Block and an outdoor playground.

Below are the photos of a one-bedroom apartment