Updates for prospective students as of 24.03.2020

Mar 25, 2020

Dear NU Applicants,

During these challenging times, we want to make sure that all qualified applicants to Nazarbayev University have an equal opportunity for admission consideration. Do not be discouraged concerning testing at this time. NU is working diligently to find alternatives.

Nazarbayev University understands your concerns about the status of the admissions process to the various programs here at NU. Nazarbayev University is taking all possible actions to ensure that the applicants are provided with enough opportunities to complete the admission process. Therefore, please be informed that:

Foundation Admission

  • NUFYP applicants with IELTS/TOEFL scores must submit their certificates by April 20, 2020. Applicants without IELTS/TOEFL certificates will also be considered in the admission competition based on their existing entry examination scores. The admission will be carried out on a fairness without violation of the minimum scores.

Undergraduate Admission

  • Undergraduate admissions deadlines are extended. Applicants must submit their IELTS/TOEFL and SAT/ACT certificates by June 30, 2020, if the tests for which they were registered were canceled by administrators. However, the registration deadline will remain the same, i.e. April 30, 2020. If the future exams are cancelled we will update you at that time.

Graduate Admission

  • Graduate applicants must finish online registration till May 12, 2020 and provide their IELTS/TOEFL certificates by June 10, 2020 (except for Graduate School of Business). Again if the future exams are cancelled we will update you at that time. 


Thank you for your understanding and patience. We will keep you updated if any other changes take place with the evolving COVID-19 situation, therefore please check your emails and the website. Some of our information may be misrepresented so please keep up with our website and any emails we may send you to ensure that you have correct and up-to-date information.


For updates on Foundation Admissions –        https://nu.edu.kz/admissions/foundation-6

For updates on Undergraduate Admissions – https://nu.edu.kz/admissions/undergraduate-3

For updates on Graduate (Masters) Admissions – https://nu.edu.kz/admissions/masters-residency

For updates on Graduate (PhD) Admissions – https://nu.edu.kz/admissions/doctorate-phd


Stay healthy and take care of yourself!


Rebecca Carter

General Director of Student Progress – Admission & Records

Nazarbayev University