Schedule for the IELTS Examination

May 5, 2012

Schedule for the 3rd stage of the entrance examinations (IELTS) in the regions of Kazakhstan to study at Nazarbayev University in 2012-2013 academic year

AstanaMay 12, 2012
AlmatyMay 12, 2012
KyzylordaMay 19, 2012
AktobeMay 19, 2012
AtyrauMay 19, 2012
ShymkentMay 19, 2012
SemeyMay 26, 2012
ТarazMay 26, 2012
UralskMay 26, 2012

The British Council has developed a new on-line registration system for the IELTS examination to apply to Nazarbayev University. This registration system is an additional advantage for the IELTS applicants as they can use free on-line preparation for the IELTS modules (writing, reading, listening, speaking).

This registration is mandatory for all IELTS candidates applying to Nazarbayev University.

 To take the IELTS examination, you MUST bring the following document:
• Valid ID or passport

Items candidates can bring into the test venue What’s allowed:
• Pencil eraser
• Sharpener

What’s not allowed:
• Mobile phones
• Any other electronic devices
• Bags, books and other personal items