Nazarbayev University branding

Dec 21, 2012

The autonomous organization of education “Nazarbayev University” informs that it is becoming increasingly common in the announcements and advertisements of the agencies to use the name and logo (brand) of Nazarbayev University, or names and logos of (brands) similar to Nazarbayev University, or to refer to the NU employees or students, that are involved in rendering the services of training applicants and students for the admissions to universities. 

In this respect please be informed that Nazarbayev University does not render any services of training applicants for the admissions to the university  and has not delegated any powers to train applicants on behalf of NU, therefore NU is not related to such announcements and advertisements and is not responsible for acts of persons that place such advertisements.

Hereby Nazarbayev University  notifies the persons placing such kind of advertisement that the logo (brand) of Nazarbayev University is registered as identifications in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, therefore use of our name (brand, logo) without any relevant permit, or providing of unreliable, misleading information about the academic services rendered by Nazarbayev University may lead to the (consequences?) responsibility as provided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.