IT and Library services

Feb 23, 2017

Nazarbayev University Library and IT Services Private Entity (NULITS) ensures implementation, maintenance and development of information systems, technologies and services to support organization’s processes. Additionally, Nazarbayev University Scientific Library employees offer trainings to university librarians across the country as part of a program called “Modern Technologies and Approaches in the Work of University Librarians”.
NULITS offers the following services related to Information Technologies and information and library activities:
• Development, implementation and support of information systems and services (Customer Relationship Management, Admissions, Office the Registrar, Library, Moodle, ERP based on 1C:Enterprise, etc.);
• Development and implementation of software products based on customer preferences;
• Website design, creation and implementation;
• Creation of mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone);
• Leasing of computing resources;
• Server hosting in university Data Center;
• Computer equipment maintenance, repair and leasing;
• Technical support and leasing of equipment for various events, conferences, forums, seminars, workshops, sports and entertainment events;
• Telecommunication services provision;
• Ensuring customer’s information security;
• Providing innovative library technologies trainings based on international standards and complying with current trends in information and library services of higher education and research process (lectures, practical classes, tests, discussions, webinars, etc.).
We will look forward to discussing with you provision of mentioned services, and joint implementation of any other projects in IT, information and library area.
Please send your questions and suggestions related to provision of service in IT and information and library area at: