The First Open Online Olympiad in Programming NU OPEN Fall 2012 was held at Nazarbayev University

Nov 18, 2012

The First Open Online Olympiad in Programming NU OPEN Fall 2012 was held at Nazarbayev University.

The organizer of the Olympiad Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System (NURIS) thanks all of the participants for their interest in the Olympiad.

The results are located on the web-site

The main goal of the organizers was to see the possibilities and preparedness of today’s secondary school students in programming and to guide them in choosing a university for their further career.

The contest took 4 hours. In the end 2 out of 8 offered problems were unsolved; no one could solve them. The Individual Olympiad was held in the ACM format. 

Out of 188 registered participants, only 130 participated in reality. Exactly 100 players made an effort to solve at least 1 task.

The list of participants covered 35 schools, 15 universities and more than 22 cities and 3 countries.

Before commenting on the results, the Organizing Committee would like to express thanks to some people and departments for excellent preparation and support to the Olympiad.

The Organizing Committee expresses their thanks to:

1. Mr. Artem Iglikov’s team. They developed excellent tasks for the Olympiad, prepared tests and etc.

2. NU IT support team. The IT infrastructure worked perfectly, just like when holding the quarterfinal of the World Championship in Programming Nov 3, 2012.

3. NU teams captain, technical director of the contest, Mr. Sergey Makagonov, who was responsible for the whole tournament.

4. Special thanks for our outstanding young colleagues, winners of IOI contest in different years: Ali-Amir Aldan, Madi Khamitbekov and other Kazakhstanis, studying in USA, Russia and other countries. Also thanks to students of KBTU, IITU, NU, KB MSU and other university winners of Republican and Zhautykov Olympiads of mathematics and informatics. 

The Olympiad fulfilled all the expectations of the Organizing Committee. They have decided to award first place to two high school students. The absolute 1st place with 6 solved problems out of 8 was taken by Eldar Aimakov. He is the 11th grade student of the Atyrau KTL. Another participant, Nurlan Zhusupov, 10th grade student from RSPMSBS, finished the Olympiad with 6 solved problems, but it took him a little bit more time to do it. 

According to the Organizing Committee the second place was awarded to the participant who solved 5 problems – Nurlan Kanapin, 2nd year student of SST at Nazarbayev University. 

Participants with 4 solved problems are located from 4th to 17th place in the contest table. 

All of them receive Third Place Award Certificates. Among them are high school and university students, playing for the team of their universities in the qualifying stages of the ACM ICPC. 

Participants who solved 3 problems receive from the Organizing Committee Honorable Mention Certificates. They are the participants who received from the 18th to 32nd places in the Final Standing.

The next Olympiad will be held in the spring of 2013.

P.S. For your information: the presence of zeros in the Final Standing does not always mean that the player is not able to solve anything – most of these players just did not participate, although registered. 

Fuad Hajiyev, Advisor, NURIS 

On Behalf of the Organizing Committee.