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Ph.D. in Mathematics

The proposed Ph.D. program will expand the role of the mathematics department, from currently teaching mathematics and building fundamental mathematical skills and mastery of all students in general to carrying out excellence in research. This research activity will ensure that, at Nazarbayev University, mathematics as science will develop and advance, at least at the same pace as the other sciences, from which the other areas of research can also benefit.

As Kazakhstan strives to become one of the top 30 most developed countries under the ‘Third Modernization of Kazakhstan’ model of economic growth, we anticipate growing demand from local, national, and international sources for highly trained English speaking Ph.D. holder in mathematics, thus, providing a healthy job market for our graduates in academic, corporate, and government sectors. Graduates of this program are expected to find highly respected positions in academia and industry.

Graduates of the Ph.D. in Mathematics program will be prepared to play important roles in Kazakhstan’s economy, especially with respect to research, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. In this regard, this program will serve as a key building block in the research-driven economic and technological development of the region, and as a key amplifier of the influence of the Nazarbayev University within Kazakhstan and beyond its borders.

The proposed PhD program is a 4-year program and comprises compulsory coursework, research, and dissertation writing. The program aligns with the structure of similar programs in North America, and is in compliance with the Bologna process, adopted by the Republic of Kazakhstan and the revised Graduate Programs Framework of Nazarbayev University.


General information: 

Campus: Astana, Kazakhstan

Language: English

Delivery mode: Full time, on-campus

Duration: 4 years

Total ECTS credit: 240



Year 1

  • DENG 782 Research Methods & Ethics*
  • Math 701 Real Analysis
  • Math 799 Thesis Research
  • Graduate Elective Course 1
  • Graduate Elective Course 2
  • MATH 710 Topics in Mathematics
  • MATH 799 Thesis Research
  • Graduate Elective Course 3
  • Graduate Elective Course 4
  • Graduate Elective Course 5
  • MATH 799 Thesis Research

Year 2-3

  • MATH 700 Thesis Research

Year 4-5

  • MATH 700 Thesis Research***/MATH 800 Doctoral Thesis

Year 5

  • MATH 800 Doctoral Thesis


(*) Course may be waived for NU graduates and replaced by a Level-8 (Bologna process) course (core or elective) selected by the student’s supervisory committee and approved by the corresponding departmental committee.

(**) All participating schools and departments with Level-8 courses

(***)If not submitted and defended



In the industrial and academic environment in the positions of university faculty members, senior researchers, engineers, and product developers.

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