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Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical and Materials Engineering

Bachelor in Chemical and Materials Engineering teaches students to research and chemical processing skills for successful practice in chemical and material industries.

NU SEDS faculty developed this four-year degree program to train students to meet the growing global demand for engineers in industries such as environmental protection, remediation, energy production and storage, global food supply, and pharmaceutical generation.

In addition to conceptual coursework, students complete simulations designed to replicate real-world practices in chemical and materials processing plants and laboratories specializing in areas such as environmental and bio-engineering. Students can elect to participate in a Research Practice course designed to enhance specialized skills in a chosen area of study. Graduates from the B.Eng. in ChME program can immediately enter research laboratories and industry departments in Kazakhstan and abroad.


General information: 

Campus: Astana, Kazakhstan

Language: English

Delivery mode: Full time, on-campus

Duration: 4 years

Total ECTS credit: 248



  • MATH 161 Calculus I
  • ENG 100 Introduction to Engineering 
  • PHYS 161 Physics I for Scientists and Engineers with Laboratory
  • ENG 101 Programming for Engineers
  • MATH 162 Calculus II
  • ENG 103 Engineering Materials 2
  • PHYS 162 Physics II for Scientists and Engineers with Laboratory
  • CHME 200 Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering
  • CHME 201 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • ENG 200 Differential Equations & Linear Algebra
  • CHME 222 Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
  • ENG 201 Applied Probability and Statistics
  • ENG 202 Numerical Methods in Engineering
  • CHME 202 Fluid Mechanics
  • CHME 203 Organic and Polymer Chemistry
  • CHME 300 Heat and Mass Transfer
  • CHME 301 Applied Mathematics for Process Design
  • CHME 302 Instrumental Methods of Analysis for Engineers
  • CHME 303 Separation Processes
  • CHME 304 Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • CHME 305 Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
  • CHME 400 Process Design and Simulation
  • CHME 401 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II
  • CHME 402 Materials Chemistry
  • CHME 403 Chemical Process Control and Safety
  • ENG 400 Capstone Project (two semesters)
  • HST 100  History of Kazakhstan
  • Kazakh Language course
  • KAZ 264 Language and Ethnicity
  • SHSS 150 Rhetoric and Composition
  • SHSS 210 Technical and Professional Writing
  • PHIL210 Ethics or equivalent 
  • BUS 101  Core Course in Business
  • ECON 120 Managerial Economics
  • 5 elective ChME  courses 



  • Chemical Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Materials Chemist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Food Engineer
  • Occupational Health and Safety Engineers
  • Energy Engineer
  • Quality Control Managers
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Industrial Air Pollution Analyst
  • Nano systems Engineer

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