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Bachelor of Arts in Languages, Linguistics, and Literature

The School of Sciences and Humanities’ Bachelor of Arts in Language, Linguistics, and Literature at Nazarbayev University is an applied degree, so it equips students with real-world skills for applying linguistics, language, and literature in their chosen careers. 

Enrolled students can choose one of the following four languages, cultures, and histories as their focus: Mandarin Chinese, French, Spanish, and German.

The program’s curriculum also includes the literature of Japan, language processing and production in the brain, and changes and variations through time and space. Additionally, students are molded to be creative writers, communicators, and experts in language, culture, poetry, and literature.

In the B.A. in Language, Linguistics, and Literature program, students are required to choose from three areas of specialization: World literature, Language Acquisition, and Linguistics.

The curriculum of the three areas of specialization are related and have courses in common that students must take.


General information: 

Campus: Astana, Kazakhstan

Language: English

Delivery mode: Full-time, on-campus

Duration: 4 years

Total ECTS credit: 240



  • Any Elementary Course (100-level)
  • Research Methods
  • Two Intermediate Courses (200-level)
  • Two courses Advanced Courses (300/400-level)
  • Four WLL, LING, or language courses
  • Two Senior Capstone courses History of Kazakhstan
  • Two Kazakh Language Courses
  • One Ethics course
  • Rhetoric and Composition; A designated 200-level writing course
  • Four Non-major Humanities electives
  • Three Non-major Social Science electives
  • One Computer Science course
  • One Mathematics course
  • One Natural Science elective
  • One Business course
  • Any undergraduate courses



Graduates of the B.A. in World Languages, Literature and Culture degree from Nazarbayev University can pursue careers in the following areas:

  • Law
  • NGOs
  • Library
  • Arts
  • Translation
  • Management consultancy
  • Civil service
  • Marketing
  • Diplomacy
  • Financial services and analysis
  • Journalism
  • School teaching
  • Academic teaching and research


Strategic partner

The University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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