9 Trends That Will Shape Business Education In 2020, According To Deans

03.01.2020, BusinessBecause

How will business education change in 2020? What trends will take the industry by storm? Dr. Patrick Duparcq, Dean of the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business and other top business school deans from Stanford and Oxford universities share their predictions for the year ahead in "BusinessBecause" (web source for MBA queries, UK).
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Nanotech being used in the fight against cancer

02 12 2019 Hospital Hub

Researchers from Nazarbayev University are testing the application of nanomaterials in thermal ablation therapy. The use of nanomaterials is an attractive solution in this type of therapy as the nanomaterials can increase the temperature in specific tumour regions. This allows the therapy to target and destroy the cancer cells specifically without affecting healthy surrounding cells.
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The importance of earthquake preparedness, mitigation and resiliency

02.12.2019, Open Access Government
Several experts from the Nazarbayev University share their views on the importance of earthquake preparedness, mitigation and resiliency. In order to be able to predict the essential consequences of earthquakes, they describe the idea of developing a physically-based ground-motion prediction methodology incorporated with probabilistic seismic hazard analyses (PSHA).
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Mobile phone frequencies are being used to treat Alzheimer’s disease

15.11.2019, Middle East Medical Portal
Researchers from Nazarbayev University and the National Laboratory Astana are investigating the use of mobile phone frequency electromagnetic fields as a form of future treatment for age-related dementia. Specifically, they are studying how radiofrequency electromagnetic fields could be used in Alzheimer’s disease therapy, selecting a frequency of 918 Hz because it is commonly used in mobile phones.
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Kazakhstani University helping to revive ancient Silk Road route

06.11.2019, Asia Today
Dean of School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Dr. Daniel Pugh talks about expert anthropologists and archaeologists from Nazarbayev University who investigate the New Silk Road.
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Thermal ablation therapy for cancer using nanomaterials

07.10.2019, Middle East Medical Portal
Researchers from Nazarbayev University are studying the use of nanomaterials as a form of cancer treatment that could be used to complement traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Researchers Zhannat Ashikbayeva and Prof. Daniele Tosi, alongside Prof. Inglezakis, focused on the application of nanomaterials in thermal ablation therapy. Thermal ablation is a technique used in cancer therapy to eliminate cancerous cells or tissue by applying external electromagnetic waves to locally increase the temperature.
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The world is changing: how savvy universities are playing catch-up

25.09.2019, The Telegraph
Universities around the world are looking beyond traditional curriculums to a new era of degrees. Ideas about university location are due to change, too. Shigeo Katsu, president of Nazarbayev University, sees a future where alliances are established between universities: “It will become increasingly common for a degree to be issued by more than one university.”
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How Much Does GPA Matter When Applying To A Top MBA Program?

19.09.2019, BusinessBecause
Doron Israeli, lecturer and admissions committee member at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business, answers an Applicant Question of the Week. The question comes from an anonymous applicant, concerned about the competitive nature of business school applications and hoping to improve their chances.
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Kazakhstani researchers on track to power trains with wind

27.08.2019, Sustainability Matters
Much of the world’s current rail networks rely on diesel-powered trains, which are contributing to carbon emissions and accelerating global warming. Researchers from Nazarbayev University are developing a solution to reduce carbon emissions using the wind generated by moving trains.
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App Lets Users Rent Out Empty Parking Spaces

19.08.2019, Springwise
Kazakhstan startup TuraQshare, with support from Nazarbayev University, has developed an app that allows users to register and rent out their empty parking spaces. TuraQshare, described as the “Airbnb for parking spaces,” aims to reduce traffic congestion by helping drivers find parking.
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Loretta O'Donnell, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

22 August 2019, The Pie News
Kazakhstan, like its Russian neighbour to the north, is currently on a mission to revamp its educational system and plug itself into the landscape of international higher ed. The PIE spoke with Loretta O’Donnell about how the industry is being swept up in the Central Asian nation’s push for reform and internationalisation.
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Are Universities Undermining The Global Graduate Jobs Market?

14.08.2019, Forbes

Technological developments have completely changed the way we live and work in the form of the internet and its resultant communications revolution and, increasingly, artificial intelligence or AI. What are universities doing to prepare their students for this brave new world?

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