Distinguished Speakers at NU

Distinguished Guests’ Visits to Nazarbayev University

Nazarbayev University is honoured to host visits by distinguished guests: high-ranking political and public figures, heads of states, Parliaments and international organizations. Since 2010, Nazarbayev University hosted over 30 distinguished guests. Among them Xi Jinping, Prince Albert II, John Kerry, David Cameron, Shinzo Abe, Dmitry Medvedev, Narendra Modi, Christine Lagarde, Catherine Ashton, Suma Chakrabarti and others.


Rustam Minnikhanov

President of the Republic of Tatarstan

April 7, 2018


Angel Gurria

The Fifth OECD Secretary-General

October 23, 2017

Mr. Gurria in his speech explored the sources of discontent towards globalization, looking at both recent challenges and long-term structural shifts before presenting an overview of the solutions to make globalization fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable – ultimately, to make globalization work better to improve people’s lives.


Suma Chakrabarti 

President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

June 23, 2017

Sir Suma Chakrabarti’s lecture on “Kazakhstan and Central Asia: the transition to effective market economies” explained the EBRD’s vision of what a modern economy should look like, how Kazakhstan was doing in its economic transition and what next steps the Bank recommended to Kazakhstan and Central Asia.


Rashid Alimov

Ex-Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

April 5, 2017

Mr. Alimov had a lecture on the topic “Cooperation within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization”. The Secretary-General noted Kazakhstan’s special contribution to and role in the organisation.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

March 23, 2017

Christine Lagarde

President of the European Central Bank

Ex-Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund

May 24, 2016

Lecture by Ms. Christine Lagarde was held on the current and prospective global and regional environment, as well as the challenges and opportunities for Kazakhstan, the Caucasus and Central Asia region.

John Kerry

Ex-Secretary of State of the United States (2013-2017)

November 2, 2015

In his speech named “The United States and Central Asia: Partners for the 21st Century” the US Secretary of State talked about integration processes and joint efforts to tackle global challenges.

Shinzo Abe

Prime Minister of Japan

October 27, 2015

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivered a lecture on Japan’s cooperation with Central Asian states. He also touched upon the Japan’s active assistance to Kazakhstan in training of qualified professionals in various spheres of industry and medicine.

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

July 7, 2015

In his speech at Nazarbayev University, Prime Minister Modi congratulated the first graduates of the university and emphasised the importance of education in the nation’s progress and leadership in many spheres.

Philipp Rösler

Member of the Managing Board, World Economic Forum

May 19, 2015

Jose Manuel Barroso

Former Chairman of the European Commission (2004-2014)

May 5, 2015

Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso devoted his lecture to international relations of the European Union and its response to the global crisis. Students of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Graduate School of Public Policy of Nazarbayev University have discussed the development of European integration, as well as developing relations between the  European Union and Kazakhstan.

Xi Jinping

President of the People’s Republic of China

September 7, 2013

In his historical speech at Nazarbayev University, President Xi Jinping announced, for the first time, the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) project for Eurasian integration, comprised of the New Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road. Since that initial announcement, OBOR has emerged as a cornerstone of China’s economic and political outreach to Eurasia, Africa and beyond.

David Cameron

Then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (2010-2016)

July 1, 2013

Prime Minister David Cameron visited the School of Engineering that had a British university – University College London as a strategic partner (2010-2015). Future engineers demonstrated to Mr. Cameron three lab experiments in mechanical and civil engineering with usage of various technical equipment such as the wind tunnel, 3D-plotter, 4-cylinder combustion engine and the apparatus for measuring vibrations.

Catherine Ashton

The Fifth High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the EU

November 30, 2012

Albert II

Prince of Monaco

November 3, 2012

 A visit by His Serene Highness Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco

Dmitry Medvedev

Ex-Chairman of the Parliament of the Russian Federation

May 29, 2012