Vice Provost for Research


 Vice Provost for Research & Interim Dean of the School of Mining and Geosciences

Prof. Haris Doumanidis holds his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), M.S. from Northwestern University and Diploma from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, all in Mechanical Engineering. He has been the Founding Director of the Nanomanufacturing Program at the National Science Foundation (NSF); Chair of Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering at Khalifa University; Chair of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada Reno; Founding Director of the Hephaistos Nanotechnology Research Center and Marie Curie Chair at the University of Cyprus; Visiting Professor/Research Engineer at MIT; Director of the Thermal Manufacturing Laboratory at Tufts University; Postdoctoral Fellow in the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity at MIT; Chief Scientist with Axcelis Technologies and Consultant for the Honda Research Institute.

His research and teaching interests include advanced chaotic manufacturing of fractal structures, thermal processing of materials with nanoheater sources, feather-like carbon fiber polymeric composites, tissue engineering scaffolds, underwater robotics and distributed-parameter system modeling and control. He has been Coordinator of a Marie Curie Excellence Team by the European Commission; Recipient of the ASME Blackall Award; The Presidential Faculty Fellow Award by the White House (by President W.J. Clinton); The NSF Young Investigator and Research Initiation Awards etc. He is joint author in four Best Paper awards with his former students and serves as CTO in seven small businesses run by them; and mentors the research planning of several junior investigators, postdocs and graduate students worldwide.