International Forum “Abai and Humanism” dedicated to the celebration of the 175th anniversary of the great Kazakh poet Abai Kunanbaiuly

Format: online

Date: October 8-9, 2020

The forum aims to bring together scientists of different research fields (human, social and natural sciences) sharing a common interest in all issues raised in the works of Abai to exchange their experiences and research findings in Abai studies and discuss the poet’s creative and literary legacy in the modern world.

Forum Sessions:           

  1. The world of Abai and humanism.
  2. Abai’s concept of humanism: “Love mankind as your kin…”
  3. The prioritization of education as the requirement of the age.
  4. “The Well-Rounded Person” – modernization of consciousness.
  5. Contemporary environmental issues.
  6. The relevance of modern linguistic and ecological problems.
  7. New directions in teaching humanities.
  8. Kazakh studies, knowledge of the individual, and consciousness of the nation.
  9. The content and purpose of Kazakh literary studies in the XXI century.
  10. The Kazakh language and the new alphabet (Latin alphabet).
  11. Al-Farabi and Abai: the concept of “The Well-Rounded Person”

International Forum Program:

Plenary and breakout sessions, the General meeting of the International Association of Teachers of Kazakh Language (IATKL), the closing of the forum, awarding of certificates.


Working languages of the forum: Kazakh, Russian, English, and Turkish.

Book of abstracts will be distributed before the Forum.

The collection of papers will be published in electronic form.

Registration fee is FREE for all participants.

Organization Committee:

Nazarbayev University Cultural Center “Rukhani Zhangyru”, Nazarbayev University Department of Kazakh Language and Turkic Studies, International Association of Teachers of Kazakh Language

Contact information:


Phone number: +7 7172 705709, +77761505086